The Intersection of the Public Mental Health System and the Mad Underground

I’m watching something really interesting happening in the extended New York City mental health support community: the coming together of the Peer Specialist world based in the public service system and the radical mental health movement based in grassroots and online networks like The Icarus Project and the Hearing Voices Network. … Continue reading

Your Way of Life is Totally Over

“It took me a long time to figure out that my delusions of grandeur were elaborate labyrinths hiding some terrible pain. Once I figured that out it took me even longer to learn how to use my delusions to built new spaces in the reality around me that other people could … Continue reading

The Power of Individual and Collective Narratives

(written for a Prescott College online class in 2012) With all of the different stories to choose from and conflicting roles and narratives, without a strong foundation of identity coming from community or family or nation or history, it is easy to feel the self fragmenting into so many channels … Continue reading

“My Greco-Judeo Childhood” (written by Anita Altman – my mom)

This is a piece of writing my mom wrote a few years ago about growing up as a Greek Jew in the East (South) Bronx. She’s turning 70 next week and retiring from her job and I’ve always loved this essay and realized it didn’t exist online. So here it … Continue reading

Cracks in the Biopsychiatric Armor: Redefining Mental Illness Together

Earlier this week we had visitors to New York City from the British Psychology Society come to share their most recent publication: Understanding Psychosis and Schizophrenia. The NYC Icarus Project invited Anne Cooke and Peter Kinderman to Bluestockings Bookstore and Cafe to give a well received presentation. The video is … Continue reading

The Stars in Your Eyes Are Just Shattered Glass

Sometimes when I don’t sleep enough I start remembering buried things Here’s one memory that just rose to the surface: the first time I got locked up in the psych ward as an 18 year old, the thing I was most upset about was that there wasn’t a recording of … Continue reading

My dad died on this day, a long time ago, but I always remember

If you’ve never seen it check out this website I made for my father on the 25th anniversary of his death and if you didn’t know, he was a fucking badass:

Personal Diaspora

Yesterday I posted this on Facebook: “Yo: what strategies have people come up with for getting off facebook and maintaining the online community and camaraderie we’ve developed around here? Honestly: I just want to take a bunch of you with me to some cooler place that’s not so corporate and … Continue reading