“Divine Mission” 3 Minute Audio Spoken Word On Madness


Hey this is a short audio piece that’s taken from an interview I did when I was on book tour. It’s a story about getting locked up in the psych ward for thinking I was on a divine mission.

The Bipolar World “Divine Mission” (excerpt)

Radio documentary. Produced by Mooj Zadie. Sound Design by Shani Aviram. Aired on KCRW’s ‘Unfictional’
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  1. Mark Vonnegut’s “Just Like Someone Without Mental Illness, Only More So” — his second memoir of ‘mental illness’ (first is “Eden Express”)—“ It’s about how much one can accomplish, while a history of insanity follows close behind. “Once you’ve been talked to by voices, it’s not possible to go back to a world where talking voices is not possible,” he writes. (After his first ‘break’ he became a Dr.)

    It’s good to know of and learn from others experiences.

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