My dad died on this day, a long time ago, but I always remember

If you’ve never seen it check out this website I made for my father on the 25th anniversary of his death and if you didn’t know, he was a fucking badass:

Strategies and Issues For Developing “Mad Maps” Into a Clinical Anti-Oppressive Tool

I wrote this paper for social work school in the Fall of 2014. It was an attempt to synthesize a lot of information and use it in the service of our emerging Mad Maps work.   This is not an official Icarus Project document, it’s my own attempts to make … Continue reading

Voices from the Emotional Underground

Here’s some video of a speaking gig I did a couple weeks ago in Troy, NY with Sera Davidow from the Western Mass Recovery Learning Community  

When You’re Burning

You connect the dots when you stop sleeping. The spaces between are more porous and full of potential. The souls of the gods whisper like fireflies in your ears. Let me remind you: When you’re burning you can feel people who aren’t alive anymore— you can feel them breathing down … Continue reading

Born to Die, An Intro Epilogue

Here’s a video from a Choking Victim reunion show in Tompkins Square Park and the epilogue to my book Maps to the Other Side. Epilogue One Spring morning, two years after I wrote Sellout Story, I was walking down Avenue B and ran into my old friend Scott Sturgeon. As … Continue reading

Apple Pie and Police State (punk rock/critical mass video)

Chris Ryan made this video a few years back – a mash up of a Choking Victim reunion show and a Critical Mass ride…

When oppression is the pathogen: The participatory development of socially just mental health practice.

It’s amazing how relevant my MSW program is to my work with The Icarus Project right now. I’m writing a paper for my Clinical Practice Lab class and reading this incredibly relevant and useful article to the Mad Maps project which has consumed much of my creative energy for the last year. … Continue reading

Reflections on Race, Gentrification, and Social Work

(This is a paper i wrote for school last semester when I was living in bed stuy. we have now been displaced to flatbush, and the story is getting even deeper) Reflections on Race, Gentrification, and Social Work Inspired by Watching Do the Right Thing in 2014 Sascha A. DuBrul … Continue reading

Personal Diaspora

Yesterday I posted this on Facebook: “Yo: what strategies have people come up with for getting off facebook and maintaining the online community and camaraderie we’ve developed around here? Honestly: I just want to take a bunch of you with me to some cooler place that’s not so corporate and … Continue reading