Late Night Bridge Building Between Worlds

You wake up in a strange room on the other side of the world, with artifacts of your life and clues and reminders of why you’re here. There’s a small box connecting you to thousands of people in a way that eerily would sound like science fiction if you tried … Continue reading

The Ghost of Christmas Past

(I wrote this exactly 10 years ago and posted it on the Icarus Project forums.) Submitted by scatter on Fri, 12/24/2004 – 12:00am HOW I STARTED BELIEVING IN GHOSTS Sometimes I wander around my hometown all lonely and lovesick and surrounded by ghosts, stuck with this awful longing in my … Continue reading

Caminando al Borde de la Locura

I. Tenía 18 años la primera vez que me encerraron en el psiquiátrico. La policía me encontró caminando por los rieles del metro de la ciudad de Nueva York y estaba convencido de que el mundo estaba a punto de terminar y que me estaban pasando en vivo, en hora … Continue reading

Strategies and Issues For Developing “Mad Maps” Into a Clinical Anti-Oppressive Tool

I wrote this paper for social work school in the Fall of 2014. It was an attempt to synthesize a lot of information and use it in the service of our emerging Mad Maps work.   This is not an official Icarus Project document, it’s my own attempts to make … Continue reading

Born to Die, An Intro Epilogue

Here’s a video from a Choking Victim reunion show in Tompkins Square Park and the epilogue to my book Maps to the Other Side. Epilogue One Spring morning, two years after I wrote Sellout Story, I was walking down Avenue B and ran into my old friend Scott Sturgeon. As … Continue reading

Apple Pie and Police State (punk rock/critical mass video)

Chris Ryan made this video a few years back – a mash up of a Choking Victim reunion show and a Critical Mass ride…

When oppression is the pathogen: The participatory development of socially just mental health practice.

It’s amazing how relevant my MSW program is to my work with The Icarus Project right now. I’m writing a paper for my Clinical Practice Lab class and reading this incredibly relevant and useful article to the Mad Maps project which has consumed much of my creative energy for the last year. … Continue reading

Reflections on Race, Gentrification, and Social Work

(This is a paper i wrote for school last semester when I was living in bed stuy. we have now been displaced to flatbush, and the story is getting even deeper) Reflections on Race, Gentrification, and Social Work Inspired by Watching Do the Right Thing in 2014 Sascha A. DuBrul … Continue reading