Cracks in the Biopsychiatric Armor: Redefining Mental Illness Together

Earlier this week we had visitors to New York City from the British Psychology Society come to share their most recent publication: Understanding Psychosis and Schizophrenia. The NYC Icarus Project invited Anne Cooke and Peter Kinderman to Bluestockings Bookstore and Cafe to give a well received presentation. The video is … Continue reading

Connecting the Dots: Disability Incarcerated

“Is it surprising” asked Michel Foucault, “that prisons resemble factories, schools, barracks, hospitals, which all resemble prisons”? Thus begins, Disability Incarcerated, a recent book about the intersection between disability justice activism and the Prison Industrial Complex. It is the first book of its kind, recently published, and it is actively … Continue reading

The Stars in Your Eyes Are Just Shattered Glass

Sometimes when I don’t sleep enough I start remembering buried things Here’s one memory that just rose to the surface: the first time I got locked up in the psych ward as an 18 year old, the thing I was most upset about was that there wasn’t a recording of … Continue reading

Speaking at the Disability Incarcerated Symposium and Gathering

Here’s the presentation I gave this afternoon in Berkeley. The woman who spoke before me, Ella Callow, was from the National Center for Parents with Disabilities and their Families, and she spoke with brutal clarity about the history of “Indian Schools,” the shameful history of white settler colonialism in the US, … Continue reading

Radio Interview in Spanish with Sascha from Santiago, Chile

This interview was conducted by Marcelo Eduardo Sanhueza Vallejos in the living room of Roberto Ernesto Gajardo Gutierrez in the middle of the summer in Santiago, Chile, January 2015. It was the day before the Alternatives to Psychiatry conference which you can read more about here. In this interview I … Continue reading

Sascha’s Reportback to the NYC Icarus Group on Trip to South America

So here’s a video shot and edited by Erin Lemkey of NYC Icarus at Bluestockings last week. I came back from Argentina and Chile full of stories. What’s not on this video is the on fire conversation that happened afterwards with a room full of New Yorkers about international solidarity … Continue reading

The Little Known History of Seed Libraries and the Radical Mental Health Movement

I recently got a very exciting book in the mail from a woman named Cindy Conner entitled Seed Libraries And Other Means of Keeping Seeds in the Hands of the People. I’m a character in the narrative of her story, the young urban farmer who has the idea to start the … Continue reading

Race, Social Welfare Policy, and The Icarus Project

  Race, Social Welfare Policy, and The Icarus Project Sascha A. DuBrul Social Work Policy I Hunter College Silberman School of Social Work   Abstract: In this paper I will define the structure and operation of racism in general, the differences in the meaning of institutional or structural racism, overt … Continue reading

The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander

Reading this book was a really powerful experience for me, it both filled me with rage and made me feel connected to the growing political movement that is challenging the racism and brutality of mass incarceration. It gave me the tools to critique the criminal justice system and put it … Continue reading

Los Creativamente Inadaptados – A Story From the Alternatives to Psychiatry Movement in Chile/Argentina 2015

      I. Brutal History and it’s Contemporary Ghosts “Imagine that you and all your friends were participating in a revolution.” says Ricardo as we walk the late night streets of Santiago, Chile at the height of summer. It’s the year 2015, it’s hot out, even at night time, … Continue reading

A Visit to An Old Social Psychology Warrior

This is Alfredo Moffatt, the last living disciple of Enrique Pichon-Rivière, Argentinian founder of “Social Psychology” which grew from the Argentine Psychoanalytic Association. We made a pilgrimage to his school today and he welcomed us with open arms. He invited jus into his room and we drank white wine mixed … Continue reading

Fireworks Are a Celebration of the Beginning of the World

At midnight I was breaking bread and drinking wine with a group of radical veterans who’ve been living in a small shantytown in La Plaza de Mayo since 2008, in protest of not receiving their benefits after fighting in the Falklands war back in 1982*. I was just biking through … Continue reading

happy new year, trembling with the joy of exhaustion

I just had the most incredible day and there are so many layers to it that it’s intimidating to even try and start to describe it. I was brought to tears half a dozen times listening to people’s stories and watching the tender way people interact with one another here … Continue reading

Late Night Bridge Building Between Worlds

You wake up in a strange room on the other side of the world, with artifacts of your life and clues and reminders of why you’re here. There’s a small box connecting you to thousands of people in a way that eerily would sound like science fiction if you tried … Continue reading

The Ghost of Christmas Past

(I wrote this exactly 10 years ago and posted it on the Icarus Project forums.) Submitted by scatter on Fri, 12/24/2004 – 12:00am HOW I STARTED BELIEVING IN GHOSTS Sometimes I wander around my hometown all lonely and lovesick and surrounded by ghosts, stuck with this awful longing in my … Continue reading

Caminando al Borde de la Locura

I. Tenía 18 años la primera vez que me encerraron en el psiquiátrico. La policía me encontró caminando por los rieles del metro de la ciudad de Nueva York y estaba convencido de que el mundo estaba a punto de terminar y que me estaban pasando en vivo, en hora … Continue reading

My dad died on this day, a long time ago, but I always remember

If you’ve never seen it check out this website I made for my father on the 25th anniversary of his death and if you didn’t know, he was a fucking badass:

Strategies and Issues For Developing “Mad Maps” Into a Clinical Anti-Oppressive Tool

I wrote this paper for social work school in the Fall of 2014. It was an attempt to synthesize a lot of information and use it in the service of our emerging Mad Maps work.   This is not an official Icarus Project document, it’s my own attempts to make … Continue reading

Voices from the Emotional Underground

Here’s some video of a speaking gig I did a couple weeks ago in Troy, NY with Sera Davidow from the Western Mass Recovery Learning Community  

When You’re Burning

You connect the dots when you stop sleeping. The spaces between are more porous and full of potential. The souls of the gods whisper like fireflies in your ears. Let me remind you: When you’re burning you can feel people who aren’t alive anymore— you can feel them breathing down … Continue reading